Flow Editor is launching Feb 19!

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Bring style and structure to your journaling practice with powerful formatting options for more engaging, organized, and enjoyable writing!

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Format entries while staying in the flow of writing with smooth 1-tap navigation

Format your journal entries quickly and seamlessly while staying focused on your writing. Our elegant style panel has everything in one place, clearly labeled options, and easy 1-tap navigation.

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Insights summary

Capture your thoughts and ideas with style and structure

Unleash your creativity and elevate your journaling to new heights with
Flow Editor's powerful formatting options.

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Insights summary
Insights summary
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Organize your entries and give them a hierarchy

Use headings to create a clear structure for your journal entries, breaking them up into sections, indicating time periods or events, and giving a sense of hierarchy.

Bulleted Lists
Break down complex thoughts and ideas

Use bulleted lists to quickly jot down thoughts and feelings, create an easy-to-follow structure, and improve readability.

Numbered Lists
Show order and priority in your writing

Use numbered lists to show a progression of events or steps, prioritize your thoughts or ideas, and highlight accomplishments or goals.

Highlight meaningful phrases and provide inspiration

Use quotes to make important thoughts and ideas stand out, provide inspiration and motivation, add context for deeper understanding, and add visual interest.

Bold, Italic, Underline & Strikethrough
Emphasize important thoughts and patterns

Use inline formatting to highlight important words and phrases, recognize patterns, and improve readability.

Give your journal entries structure and separation

Use dividers to give more clarity to your writing, break up long pieces of text, and enhance readability.

Read and review your formatted entries with delight

Experience the joy of revisiting your past journal entries with formatting options that give beauty and organization to your thoughts.

 Flow Editor is launching Feb 19!

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Clearful is free. Free to download. Free to use. Free of ads.