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Helping people be the best versions of themselves

We believe that journaling is a powerful tool for being our best selves and experiencing life to the fullest. Through mindful reflection of one's thoughts, feelings, and actions, we help people gain clarity, calmness, and control in their lives.

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Our Founder Team

Clearful was created and is led by a husband and wife founder team who have worked on entrepreneurial ventures together for 11 years.

Maria Golikova
Co-Founder & CEO
UX, UI & Product Design
Jeffrey Bunn
Co-Founder & CTO
Software Engineering
Customer Support


Discover our story, product features, and milestones.

Rated 4.8 worldwide with 2,700+ reviews

Clearful is one of the top-rated journaling apps with 2,700+ ratings and reviews in the App Store, Mac App Store, and Google Play Store with a 4.8 average rating.

Featured 45+ times in the App Store

We've been featured in 45+ Stories and Collections in the Apple App Store worldwide since launch, all hand-curated by App Store Editors.

Over 400+ guided journals in the app

We're home to largest collection of guided journaling resources of any app with more than 400+ prompts and templates on personal growth, mental health, work, and more.

AI-forward journaling and reflection

We're excited to be using the latest AI technologies in the app to make journaling more insightful and impactful for our users with features like Reviews and AI Actions.

Multi-platform support with 5+ apps

Clearful offers multi-platform journaling with apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Web, enabling individuals to practice thoughtful reflection wherever they are.

6+ privacy & security focused features

We're committed to providing a private and secure journaling experience with encryption, biometric authentication, entry lock, device manager, and more.

Journal more with Clearful Pro

We offer a comprehensive free plan, but our premium subscription to Clearful Pro offers our full suite of guided journaling, AI, security, and personalization features.

Available in 150+ countries & regions

As a multi-platform journaling tool available across the globe for free, we are committed to making journaling accessible to everyone, regardless of one's location or circumstance.

Founded in 2020 by a husband & wife team

Clearful was founded by a husband and wife team who wanted a journal that asked them thought-provoking questions while not getting in they way of their writing.

Our Awards

Clearful has been honored with the Editor's Choice and App of the Day awards by the App Store Editorial Teams.

A laurel wreath badge of Editor's Choice award from the App Store.

Finding a moment to pause and reflect is made a bit more effortless with Clearful. The journaling app is full of throughtful prompts across a variety of themes that helps us find moments of gratitude, check in with our mental health, and more. The power of reflection is made even more accessible with the app's insights and reviews, which give us a chance to understand our habits and synthesize our entries into meaningful takeaways.

A laurel wreath badge of App of the Day award from the App Store.

When in your life have you displayed courage? What are you grateful for today? You'll find these questions and more in Clearful, a powerful tool for making mindful journaling a daily habit. What we love: Finally finding a flow with our journaling. Prompts around creativity, travel, personal development, and more are perfect for when you're in a rut. Or break down bigger topics—like understanding anger—with questions that'll help you understand your triggers and behaviors.

Features & Promotions

Clearful has been featured in 45+ Stories and Collections in the Apple App Store worldwide since launch, hand-curated by App Store Editors.

"Clearful takes away the hardest part of sticking to a daily journaling habit: settling down to write. The app has an entire library of writing prompts to get your creativity, gratitude, and memories flowing; templated entries help you dive deeper into meaningful moments—and dare you to dream big."

Editorial Team

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December 18, 2022

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