Powerful features to supercharge your journaling

Focus on what matters with a clean and beautiful writing canvas.

When you're writing, that's all you should see. We get out of your way and let you focus on your thinking and writing.

Have the freedom to be your true self and write honestly in your private and secure journal.

Your entries are secured with bank-grade encryption on your device when saved, and again in our database at rest.

Rediscover past entries to reflect on how far you've come and relive memories.

Your past entries from time periods such as "1 Month Ago" and "1 Year Ago" are brought back for a delightful look at your past self.

Surprise yourself and reflect on something new every day with a Discover Daily question.

Start your day inspired with a curated, quick prompt from our team.

Staring at a blank page? Explore Smart Prompts and get inspired to write.

Short, one-line prompts are ready for you whenever you need an idea to get started writing.

Add a little structure to your writing with Handcrafted Templates.

Long-form structured templates are available for longer writing sessions or recurring entries.

Build a journaling and reflection habit into your life with custom reminders.

Have particular days or times you prefer to journal? We'll send you a friendly reminder.

Want to quickly jot down some thoughts? Free your mind with Quick Capture.

No title, no prompts or templates, just text. Write with zero friction when you need to.

Get in touch with us at any time for our quick, personal, and friendly customer support.

We're committed to helping you get the most out of journaling. And, we're friendly! Please reach out.

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