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Next level journaling with Clearful Pro

Enjoy more guided journaling, insights and analytics, extra security and privacy, theme customization, and more with Clearful Pro.

Clearful is free. Free to download. Free to use. Free of ads.

See tangible progress with insights, charts, and analytics

Visualize your journaling progress over time, gain insights about your activity in the app, and learn which guided journals you use most.

Insights summary
Insights progress
Insights activity breakdown
Insights highlights

Create your own collections of Templates and Prompts

Browse the Library and curate your own collections of guided journals to personalize your writing experience.

My Collections screen
Create a custom collection
Save guided journals to collections

Unlock your potential with even more guided journals

Find even more journaling Templates for all areas of life and make regular reflection even more powerful.

Customize your journal with beautiful themes

Choose from multiple themes to make your journal feel even more personal and fun. More themes coming!

Appearance and theme screen
Clearful Blue theme
Burgundy Wine theme
Lavender Fields theme
Forest Canopy theme

Add an extra layer of privacy with entry-level security lock

Make any particularly sensitive journal entries even harder to access by locking them and requiring re-authentication.

Entry-level security lock cell
Re-authentication to unlock entry-level security lock
Journal entry with security lock enables

Discover trends with historical data of guided journaling

Find linked Templates to journal entries and uncover your writing patterns and trends over time.

Linked template and previous uses
Previous uses of template
 Clearful Pro is now available!

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Clearful is free. Free to download. Free to use. Free of ads.